Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur, best-selling business author and one of the world’s top business keynote speakers on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and sales.

Mike is co-author with Chris West of The Beermat Entrepreneur, The Boardroom Entrepreneur and Sales on a Beermat.

He has spoken at over 1,000 live events all over the world and provided face-to-face mentoring to over 1,000 entrepreneurs.

Mike can help you if you are:

Alex van Someren

Giving Back

| Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Profiles, Interviews & Bios | No Comments

It is common for successful entrepreneurs, once they have made a successful exit from their businesses, to support charities and mentor young people. Alex van Someren found an even more…

Brent Hoberman

Perfect Timing

| Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Profiles, Interviews & Bios | No Comments

Successful entrepreneurs seem to have an in-built sense of timing. Nobody illustrates this more perfectly than Brent Hoberman, co-founder of lastminute.com. He came from an entrepreneurial family, so despite a…

Emma Willis

A Place of Your Own

| Entrepreneurship, Profiles, Interviews & Bios, Sales, Small Business | No Comments

It is a common entrepreneurial dream to create a special place. This could be a shop, a restaurant, an art gallery, where everyone can enjoy themselves and spend money, especially…

Judy Naake

Carpe Diem

| Entrepreneurship, Profiles, Interviews & Bios, Sales | No Comments

I’m sure many of you will recognise the quote ‘Carpe Diem’. It was popularised in the film Dead Poets Society, where the inspirational teacher played by Robin Williams encourages his…

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