The Beermat Entrepreneur Books

Find out about all of the beermat books: The Beermat Entrepreneur, Marketing on a Beermat, Sales on a Beermat, Finance on a Beermat, The Boardroom Entrepreneur and This is How Yoodoo It:

The Beermat Entrepreneur
Completely new version, published September 2018!

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The original Beermat book, “The Beermat Entrepreneur” is a bestseller, and recommended by business leaders worldwide. It’s an acknowledged classic- oh, and it’s an easy read too. We know that if you’re trying to start a business, you probably haven’t got the time to read 800 pages of impenetrable text.

“I recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur”
Charles Dunstone, Founder, Carphone Warehouse

“The Beermat Entrepreneur” is a step-by-step guide to starting up and running a successful company; from its birth as an idea on the back of a beermat through to a flourishing enterprise with 20 or more employees. You’ll find out how to:

  • hang onto the really workable ideas whilst eliminating the
  • build the right team of talented individuals around you
  • avoid spending too much
  • know when it’s right to grow
  • and plenty more besides

Marketing on a Beermat

Marketing is the driving force of every small business, but many budding entrepreneurs are unsure how best to go about it.

“Marketing on a Beermat”, written by Beermat Entrepreneur Chris West, brilliantly demystifies this essential area of business enterprise, telling you everything you need to know about researching and identifying customers, creating an impressive marketing strategy, building marketing campaigns, and increasing consumer awareness and – therefore – sales.

Sales on a Beermat

“Sales on a Beermat” give you everything you need to sell successfully.

It’ s not written for salesmen- it’s written for people like you and me who want to get a business off the ground. Learn about the “Magic email” which really delivers results. And learn how the best salespeople are neither pushy nor devious- the secret of sales is to be honest and likeable.

“Highly entertaining, original and full of practical and concise tips”
Iain Henderson, Partner, Accenture

Finance on a Beermat

Finance is a subject many people prefer to avoid – but they do so at their peril. “Finance on a Beermat” is written in clear plain English by the authors of “The Beermat Entrepreneur” and two experienced financial directors, to help entrepreneurs understand and make friends with the subject, and turn it from something frightening into what it should be – a powerful tool for business growth.

“At last, a finance book that entrepreneurs can actually enjoy, understand and use”
Jason Porter, Co-founder, Friends Reunited

The Boardroom Entrepreneur

“The Boardroom Entrepreneur” brings the Beermat spirit of entrepreneurship into large corporations. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial frame of mind, but you don’t want to lose the security of a big-company job, then this is the book for you.

“I recommend this entertaining and thoughtful book to all management eager to make a difference to their companies and to the world around them”
Sir John Rose, CEO, Rolls Royce

This is How Yoodoo it: Great Advice from Some of the UK’s Top Thinkers on Entrepreneurship

This is how Yoodoo it is a collection of sixty-five articles written by Mike Southon for the Financial Times and Daily Telegraph. Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur, and co-author with Chris West of several best-selling business books including The Beermat Entrepreneur, The Boardroom Entrepreneur and Sales on a Beermat. He is now one of the world’s top business speakers, appearing at over 100 events per year, all over the world. This is How Yoodoo it has a wealth of practical advice on a wide variety of topics, including getting started, sales, marketing and communication, finance, team building, mentoring, growing your business, dealing with the recession and social entrepreneurship. Experts featured include Sir Keith Mills, who led the successful London 2012 Olympics bid, the actor and writer Stephen Fry, Harold Goddijn founder of Tom Tom, Kelvin Mackenzie, former editor of The Sun, Sir Philip Trousdell, former Commandant of Sandhurst, Sir Robin Saxby, founder of chip maker ARM and Brent Hoberman, founder of